Practice Areas

Family Law

Custody and related matters:

At Mk attorneys we understand that separation and custody issues are sensitive and they require utmost care over and above the professional obligations. This is an emotional area and our aim is to provide support and sound legal advice throughout the duration of the proceedings. Once parents have separated, the children's time with each parent, who they live with and parental responsibility are important issues that can be sorted out through family dispute resolution, mediation or litigation

In children`s matters, if there is an agreement between parents, our legal counsel becomes handy in pursuing consent orders or a parenting plan. Where the matter is more complex we also institute appropriate recovery proceedings.

Separation and Divorce

Once a couple opts for separation or divorce various settlements touching on properties and finances becomes necessary. Once engaged, we review and discuss all the available options to ensure an efficient and supportive representation .


Mk Attorneys goal is to both inform clients of their adoption options and assist adoptive families to achieve their goals.When working with one of our adoption attorney, you will have the advantage of working with the region's premier family law firm. Our firm's lawyers are proficient in all types of adoption cases and ready to help clients achieve their goals through confident advocacy in the midst of an often complex and emotional process.We handle local adoption residence adoption, international adoption and kingship adoptions.

Matrimonial Assets

Nearly all divorces involve the division of marital property. Our lawyers are deeply familiar with property laws and will ensure that your property settlement accurately accounts for all of your assets and debts. The process of assessing separate and community property can be very involved. It is extremely important to hire an attorney with significant experience handling asset division during divorce.