About Us

Mk Attorneys is a consortium comprising of three legally registered firms each being run by one of the partners, the consortium has experience in providing legal services in areas such as insurance law, banking, employment, media law, debt collection, criminal law, tax, conveyancing, arbitration, intellectual property, land and property law, commercial and civil litigation.

We always aim to produce results with consistently high quality and economy of resources. We believe these attributes, combined with the firms' considerable network of contacts, the accessibility of our Partners and the depth of our experience across many industry sectors, making Mk attorneys a valuable resource and legal advisor.

The consortium's head office is located at Hazina towers 6Th Floor, a location that is easily accessible by any client from all walks of life. We offer both corporate, individual and personalized services to our clientèle both within and without or offices. We also have a branch offices which are located at Kawangware Road, Off Naivasha Road, Opp. Meryers Restaurant and Moguku business centre in Kikuyu township adjacent to the southern by pass

The Partners at Mk Attorneys have represented a diverse range of clients, local and international, individual and corporate in areas such as finance, insurance, telecommunications and transportation.

The Partners have also represented clients in other fields of commercial activity, including manufacturing, real estate, shares and stocks, media, trade associations, co-operative societies and non governmental agencies. This experience coupled with the diverse educational background and unique exposure of the partners to Kenyan firms and other legal systems enables Mk Attorneys to better understand client’s needs in a wide spectrum of legal practice areas.

It is our aim to continue to be a leading provider of quality legal services in Kenya and beyond.

To this end:

  • For every matter that we handle for a client there is a partner with responsibility for the conduct of the matter.
  • All partners and staff are committed to a quality approach to the management of the firm and all client matters.
  • We aim to provide prompt, efficient and professional service to our clients at an appropriate cost.
  • We encourage clients to discuss with us any problems which may be causing the client concern, about the manner in which a matter is being handled.

Besides the Partners, Mk attorneys have a dedicated team of legal and research assistants and support staff. This breadth of experience enables the Partners to understand the needs of clients in many industries and businesses and thereby enables them to offer expert legal advice to private clients, firms, financial institutions, corporate entities and other businesses.